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In today’s Era, investment has carved out an important place in the list of our basic needs. We all are looking for a richlook investment option which can yield high returns. Direct equity investment can be very rewarding. We must always remember that direct equity investing can be very risky as well. In order to negate the associated risk with direct equity considerable research of individual stock is required. Without spending sufficient time and energy for doing stock research, we shall not invest directly in equity. In this article I have tried to answers almost all nagging question about direct equity investment that will help my readers to take a wise decision to invest directly in equity. Time and again compared to other available investment options, equity has always outperformed all the other asset classes in India, with the returns from NIFTY & SENSEX over the last many years being more than 18% (CAGR–Compounded Annual Growth Rate).

¶ To become a successful Equity investor one must follow the following rules:
• Choose a right company – It is important for an investor to select a right company. This means selecting a company which offers good growth opportunities. A company which has strong business fundamentals is good stocks to buy for long term.
• Invest at right time – Timing the market is essential in direct equity investment. When we are investing directly in equity timing of buying and selling of stocks is most important. In short term share market is driven by speculation. But in long term companies fundamentals negate the effect of speculative forces. Long term investment horizon allows the investor to take advantage of the company’s growth. Company cannot show growth in short term. Their growth is more visible in time span of three years or more. It means if we are investing directly in equity we must assure holding time of three years or more. Buying shares of right company at right price is what is required to make money in stock market. No matter how good is the company, if we are not timing the purchase well we will not get the desired results. Timing the market means buying shares at undervalued price levels.

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