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Tax Saving

As the end of financial year approaches, investors suddenly wake up to the existence of the Income Tax department. We suggest you not to leave this task for the last moment. The earlier you start the better it is for you. Investment decisions should never be made in a hurry. Prepare yourself for optimizing your tax benefits next year right now. A wise investment will not only lessen your tax burden but also give some good returns.

Here we tell you the investment avenues to maximise tax benefits available under Sec 80C & 80D.

1) Invest in ELSS schemes
2) Get your insurance check-up done
3) Add to the PPF account
4) Home loan principal
5) Medical insurance premium and much more...


Check your PF contribution
Check the principal component of the home loan payment
Invest according to your financial goals
Evaluate your insurance requirement
Invest Rs 1 lakh over the year not just the last 15 days
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